Hilltop Honey is a consistent
“Best in State”!

In operation since 1995, Hilltop Honey not only offers the best of bee products, but its proprietor Joe Lelinho provides public education on - and leadership in understanding the threats to - a species critical to our quality of life.

Joe is frequently consulted by local communities and the press to explain bee-related issues, deal with swarms, and assist in allaying human concerns in sharing our backyards with bees.


HilltopHoney from on Vimeo.

Above: Video of Honeybees ventilating the hive on a warm day.

Joe Lelinho conducts frequent informal information sessions for community groups as well as formal training classes for future beekeepers. Contact Joe for information on sessions in your area or to schedule one for your group.

Earth Wind and Flowers
96 River Rd, E. Hanover, NJ
Caldwell Market Place
5 Park Ave Caldwell, NJ

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